Do you have a blog?

I was asked the other day, “Do you have a blog?” It reminded me that I needed to do that, to set this up so that people who listen to my radio program can come and get show notes and references. But I also needed a place to write. My questioner was correct in her assessment of me. I have so many thoughts swirling in my head that to get them out, to share them, would do me a world of good. I hope you’ll stay and maybe learn about something you didn’t know before or get to know a little more about something you thought you knew about. I’ll be posting two types of things here-essays and show notes for my radio program-Evidence Based Radio on Valley Free Radio. My main interests are Science, History, and specifically Archaeology. I read voraciously, both on and off line, listen to podcasts, watch silly movies and a wide variety of YouTube content. I am a bit of a walking Atlas Obscura-though sadly not as widely traveled. I am also an avid amateur photographer and may share some of my photos here from time to time. But that’s enough about me…I’ll need to earn your interest, I know that.

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