Radio Show Links for 6-3-16

This show includes stories about a range of topics from mosquitoes to misidentified archaeological remains!

Possible Mosquito Bacteria Weapon Against Disease Spread!

 More Ideas about Planet Nine!

Was ‘Planet Nine’ stolen by our sun?

New Evidence Supports Migration to Madagascar from SE Asia!

Can ancient mung bean seeds solve Madagascar migration mystery?

Ancient Crops Offer Clues to Colonization of Madagascar

Ancient crop remains record epic migration to Madagascar

Ancient crops provide first archaeological signature of the westward Austronesian expansion (Study)

Mantis Species Named after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Praying Mantis Named for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Name Species for U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Underwater “Ruins” in Greece Found to be Natural Formation!

Underwater ‘ruins’ off Greek island created by bacteria millions of years ago

Exhumed hydrocarbon-seep authigenic carbonates from Zakynthos Island (Greece): Concretions not archaeological remains

Sunken ‘Ancient Greek City’ near Zakynthos Island is Geological Formation, Researchers Say

Orca Culture Shapes Genome!

Orca cultural groups found to be genetically distinct

Orcas are first non-humans whose evolution is driven by culture

Genome-culture coevolution promotes rapid divergence of killer whale ecotypes

Lost Mayan City “Discovered” (Take 2)!

Teen Who ‘Discovered’ Lost Maya City Says Scientists Are Jealous

Canadian Teen Who ‘Discovered’ Lost Maya City Speaks Out

Parts of That ‘Lost Maya City’ Might Actually Be a Marijuana Grow-Op

Recovered Darwin Letter!

Darwin letter stolen from Smithsonian 30 years ago has been found

Darwin Letter Recovered: FBI Returns 1875 Correspondence to Smithsonian Archives

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