Evidence Based Radio, 11/03/17

This show is dedicated to the memory of my little black cat, Meara, who passed on Friday afternoon. Tonight we’re talking animal stories. First off, a beluga who has learned to mimic or even potentially communicate with dolphins. Bees turn out to sometimes have a left or right handed preference. And life was lonely and dangerous for male mammoths. We then take a quick look at whether or not the dimetrodon that we all know and love has been depicted with the correct leg stance. We’ll then go back to living animals to talk about a new form of predation called kleptopredation and discuss the weird way in which shrews survive the harsh conditions of winter and also talk about a fish that can repair the damage to its brain from freezing in winter. Then we’ll talk about how baby bats learn to talk and how that might apply to humans. And finally, we take a moment to remember another great animal, Laika, the first animal to enter low earth orbit.

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