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Forensic Science Failures

Mantle Convection Currents

First Topographical Map of Mercury

“Discovery” of 2007 OR10;

Colorectal Cancer Risk in 18th Century Mummy

Common Snapping Turtle

Radio Show 4-29-16

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Beetle with Zinc in Jaw

Amazon River Plume Coral Reef (Pictures of samples found)

Hugging your Dog?!

Rosacea and Alzheimer’s


Links for Radio Show 4-22-16

Dinosaur Extinction

Animal Cognition/Corvids & Frans de Waal

Monkey Teeth show Early Migration

Hannibal’s Route Through the Alps

Ancient Skeleton Mosaic

Ancient Greek Curse Tablets

Blocks from Queen Hatshepsut

Origins of Swiss Cheesemaking

Songs of Consolation

Links for 4-15-16


Brain Implant for Spinal Column Bypass

Acupuncture for Hot Flashes (and in general)

Cave Art

Glass Plate shows Exoplanet in 1917

Universe Expanding Too Quickly?

New Galaxy

Bosnian Ball

Antibacterial Soap

Links 3/25/16

Transgenic & Conventional vs. Organic Foods

Minimal Synthetic Cell


Emmy Noether

Walking Fish

New Fossil Remains of Ancient Hominid

Links for Radio Show 3-18-16

Kidney Disease/Transplantation
Transgenic Banana for Ugandan Vitamin A Deficiencies
Joan Murrell Owens
Materials Based on Islamic Designs
SeaWorld to Stop Breeding Orcas
Dengue Fever Vaccine
Malaria Resensitization

Linksk for 3-11-16

Death of Baby from Meningitis



Japanese Great Tits


Hominid Eating Habits

Desert Tortoises