Links for 7/15/16

This program tries to focus on the positive. We’ll start with some congratulations and then move on to an update from the Must Farm dig in the U.K., the display of ancient papyruses in Cairo, new shipwrecks in Greece, Passage tombs and Astronomy in Europe, talk about an interesting study on harmonics,

First Woman and African American Librarian of Congress and Obama Published in JAMA!

Senate Confirms Carla Hayden as 14th Librarian of Congress

United States Health Care Reform

Must Farm Bronze Age Dig Update!

A time capsule from Bronze Age Britain

Bronze Age inferno preserved an extraordinary view of life in the United Kingdom 3000 years ago

UK’s best bronze age site dig ends but analysis will continue for years

Must Farm Site

Oldest Egyptian Papyruses on Display in Cairo!

Egypt Unveils Oldest Papyrus, Details on Pyramid-Builders

Egypt unveils oldest papyrus, details on pyramid-builders (with pictures)

Oldest Egyptian papyrus writing displayed for first time

New Shipwrecks Discovered in Greece!

A Shipwreck Graveyard Has Been Found Off This Greek Archipelago (Original)

How Archaeologists Discovered 23 Shipwrecks in 22 Days

New Discoveries Double the Size of Ancient Greek Shipwreck Graveyard (New Finds)

Passage Tombs as “Telescopes”?

This 6,000-year-old tomb might have been the world’s first astronomy telescope

Did Prehistoric People Watch the Stars Through This 6,000 Year Old ‘Telescope’?

A 6,000 year old telescope without a lens – prehistoric tombs enhanced astronomical viewing (Summary)

Juno Mission to Jupiter 

Juno on Twitter

Musical Preference may be Cultural not Innate!

Human perception: Amazon music

Indifference to dissonance in native Amazonians reveals cultural variation in music perception (Study)

Your culture—not your biology—shapes your musical taste

Cephalopods and Color Vision!

Friday Cephalopod: They can see color?

Spectral discrimination in color blind animals via chromatic aberration and pupil shape (Study)

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