Links for 7/22/16

Tonight we start off with a neat story about a scientist and his interest in lichens,


Third Eye Blind Trolled the Hell Out of the RNC, Remain Semi-Charming

Satanic Invocation in Florida Disrupted by Christians

Lichens are *Three* Organisms, not *Two*!

How a Guy From a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology

Two’s Company, Three’s a Lichen?

We’ve Been Wrong About Lichen For 150 Years

Basidiomycete yeasts in the cortex of ascomycete macrolichens (Study)

A lichen ménage à trois

Goats are the New Dogs! (But IMHO, Cats still rule!)

Man’s New Best Friend Is a Goat?

Goats display audience-dependent human-directed gazing behaviour in a problem-solving task (Study)

Whales Win Victory in Court over Navy!

The Sea Will Get a Lot Quieter Without the Navy’s Whale-Killing Sonar

Whales flee from military sonar leading to mass strandings, research shows

What Caused the UK’s Largest Common Dolphin (Delphinus delphis) Mass Stranding Event?

Effect of anthropogenic low-frequency noise on the foraging ecology of Balaenoptera whales

WHALE OF A TALE: The Sea of Controversy Surrounding the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the U.S. Navy’s Proposed Use of the SURTASS-LFA Sonar System, A Comment

Human/Bird Conversations!

Scientists document wild birds ‘talking’ with humans for the first time

How humans and wild birds collaborate to get precious resources of honey and wax

Reciprocal signaling in honeyguide-human mutualism (Study)

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